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( Nov. 28th, 2016 05:40 pm)
Hello all!

So RL is a little bit mental right now, but there have been some awesome things going on online that help make up for that.

Stuff, stuff, stuff )

I'm also offering up Christmas cards again this year to anyone (and I mean anyone) who would like seasonal greetings (and maybe a ficlet) from not-so-snowy Canada. :) If I've sent you a card in the past, can you please confirm whether or not your address has changed? Comments are screened in the event of addresses being listed, so just drop me a line below.

How's everyone else doing?
Title: I Go to the Sea
Fandom: CWRPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Word count: 4700
Warnings: Dark-ish; dub-con kissing; body horror; internalized, period-typical homophobia
A/N: This story was written last September for [ profile] petite_madame, who had a shitty 2015. As she is a lovely and talented lady who deserves all the good things in the world, a bunch of us got together to create stuff to brighten her day and let her know how much we appreciate her. Almost at the same time as I originally posted this story, I also got a more-than-full time job and totally forgot that I never reposted. So here it is, slightly revamped from the original. Also available on AO3.

PM has a fondness for dark, slightly gory stuff, which you probably all know isn't exactly my forte. :P I did my best though, and this is what I came up with.

Inspired by two of PM's stunning pieces of artwork: this one, and also a little bit this one.

Summary: All Jensen had ever wanted was a chance to sail the circle seas. And if marrying Danneel and letting her protect his heartstone every time he left port was the only way to do that, then so be it.

You must never go to sea unless you have someone special on land to protect your heartstone for you )
Hello LJ-land!

I have officially survived my first year as a full time teacher! \o/ And pretty much all I have done since finishing is sleep because June is balls. I'm starting to feel more human now, though, which is good because I'm leaving tonight to spend two weeks in the Netherlands. Vacation!

I had the utter joy of meeting [ profile] dugindeep in person last weekend first the first time, which was awesome. I think we've known each other for about four years, which made it feel more like seeing a friend you haven't seen in a while instead of meeting someone new. And she's lovely, of course. I'm pretty sure everyone knew that. Thank you for visiting my poor, lonely Canadian self, my dear! It'll have to be a longer visit next time!

So, I know I've got a backlog of a couple of stories that I wrote for various challenges that never got reposted. I'll be posting two for sure today, and I'll figure out what else I might have missed. I've also got about a million ideas that wanted to be written when I was too busy to think about writing, so we'll see if they're still interesting now that I have time. My bigbang will be posting at the beginning of August, so you've all got that to look forward to, you lucky things. *grins*

How's everyone else doing?
WOW, it is the second week of December. When did that happen? *flails* My new job is great, but holy hell, does it take up all my time.

Right, so! I'm giving no promises that they'll actually show up on time because I'm hella late, but would anyone like a Christmas card from me this year? Some of you have no choice in the matter, but please let me know if you would like one. I should rephrase that: if you got a card last year, I have your address and am ready to send you a card, but can you please touch base with me to confirm that you do, in fact, still live at it. :)

Comments are screened.

And, for your time, have a picture of one of the Macguyvered ornaments on my Christmas tree this year. Because this is the kind of family I have and it is glorious.

With a ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum?
If you haven't seen it yet, you absolutely have to check out the beautiful painting that [ profile] becc_j did for me as part of my Christmas present.

Guitar Lesson

It was inspired by my story Gently Play Upon Your Heartstrings, and depicts a lovely moment between the boys.

Flailing under the cut )
Title: All the Magic I Have Known
Fandom: CW RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: G
Warnings: PINING. Also, an ending that may rot your teeth
Word count: 5150
A/N: It is my birthday! And, in true reverse birthday style, here is a fic for everyone! Yet another installation in my continual attempt to turn Jensen into all sorts of non-human things. I actually wrote a piece of original fiction using this basic premise a few years ago, but was never quite happy with how it turned out. I did like the idea, though, so here's my attempt at doing it better justice.
Title is from a poem by Shel Silverstein.
Also available on AO3.

Summary: All of Jared's books have the same dedication: For the one who makes wishes come true.

You're a fairy, Jensen. I'm pretty sure everything about you is complicated. )
Hello all!

First of all, I want to say thank you to the lovely people who left me notes at the love meme. Those are the messages that I save for a day when I'm feeling miserable to cheer myself up, and it really means a lot. So thank you!

And now the real purpose of this post: CHRISTMAS CARDS!

If you'd like a Christmas card from me in exotic Canada, simply comment with your address and the name you'd like on the envelope. Comments are screened.
*hopeful smile*

holiday love meme 2014
my thread here

And don't forget to put up your own thread so that you can get some well-deserved holiday love, also!
So, clearly I'm doing bugger nothing around here recently, but other awesome people are clearly picking up the slack. LOOK AT WHAT ODDISHLY HAS DONE FOR ME.

[ profile] oddishly has podficced two of my stories for the AO3/OTW auction that was whenever ago, and they are truly awesome. Great intonation and tone, and she has a gorgeous accent (no matter what she might tell you otherwise). I'm pretty sure both stories are funnier when you listen to her read them, so you probably would be better served to listen rather than read. :)

When You're a Professional Pirate - read by [ profile] oddishly here
AU. Jared's kind of in love with his first mate. Jensen kind of hasn't noticed. PG

With a Talent Like Yours - read by [ profile] oddishly here
AU. Jensen figured that traveling with a wizard would be a lot easier if the man's damn familiar didn't hate him. PG

I've still got some stuff on the burner right now that I'm definitely working on first, but I haven't got the foggiest idea what to write for Bigbang this year and that's probably something I should be getting on (that's what she said). *cough* And tomorrow is a holiday, which makes this a great time to start brainstorming.

Which is why I need all of you to help me out here.

POLL![Poll #1957033]

- Give me a prompt and I'll write you a one-two sentence comment fic!
- This can be related to the genre you pick in the poll or just because you'd like a comment fic. :)
- My hope is that something will spark an idea for a longer story, so give me your best shot!

Even if you have NEVER spoken to me, the fact that you read my stuff means that I would love to hear what you would like to see me write. So, please, comment away! I have also enabled anon commenting for the purposes of this post, if you don't want me to know that you want to talk to me. Er.

EDIT: The lovely akintay has informed me that crossovers are off the table for bigbang, but being inspired by something else is okay. Which is all I ever do anyway, so you can still pick that one if that's your thing. Also, I don't know how to edit polls.

Meme results if you want to see them )
It is warm enough to snow today! \o/ (No, you didn't read that wrong. I live in a stupid country).

What I am ACTUALLY here to say is that the amazing and talented [ profile] becc_j has created a beautiful piece of art to go along with my rockstar!Jensen story, Gently Play upon Your Heartstrings.

Insert delighted flailing here )

GO! Check it out here and give Becc much love!
F-list! Hello!

Right, so, here's the skinny. My new job is wonderful but it means that I have precisely no time ever to get stuff done. So if I've been failing at talking to you/answering your comments/pretending that I'm a real person, that's why. I'm working on it, I swear.

To that end! I still want to send Christmas cards this year to those who would like them, but there's no chance in high heaven that I'm going to be able to do ficbits for you, unless you want the cards to arrive in, like, March. Sorry. I may be able to be tempted into doing a Second Christmas round this coming summer, because it's always fun to get stuff in the post, but we shall see.

Those who would like a card! Please give me your address and the name you'd like on the envelope.


Comments are screened.
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( Jan. 8th, 2013 01:32 am)
You guys, you guys! Guess what awesome thing [ profile] cassiopeia7 has done?

She has created this beautiful piece of art for my and [ profile] onceuponarhi's RBB story The Heart of Everything!

This piece is just stunning, guys, for serious. I have been reliably informed that there are four million different greens in there to get Jensen's scales and wings looking awesome and shaded and LOVELY. And there is sprawled on the floor Jared, which the world can always do with more of, and he is wearing a VEST and his legs are long and gorgeous, and I want to ruffle his hair. And Jensen's face is so very much a Jensen face while still being, well, dragon face. Eyebrows FTW!

So go look and be delighted and tell [ profile] cassiopeia7 how much she has delighted you. Go!
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( Dec. 29th, 2012 12:07 pm)
Just a quick note to say thank you to all of you lovely people who wished me a happy birthday yesterday; it was a surprise and a delight to receive all your well-wishes. It was a very nice birthday: I spent the day playing board games (anyone else tried 'Defenders of the Realm'? It was good fun), then went out dancing in the evening. FUN FOR EVERYONE! Aand, I wrote nothing. Oops?

Thank you to: [ profile] becc_j, [ profile] 2people2, [ profile] ldyavalon, [ profile] akintay, [ profile] heartblowswild and [ profile] enablelove for the birthday wishes and [ profile] tebtosca, [ profile] blackrabbit42, [ profile] equally_dour, [ profile] cherie_morte, [ profile] ordinaryink and [ profile] cassiopeia7 for the birthday wishes and v-gifts! You're all fantastic! HUGS.

Also, thank you to everyone who has voted in my poll. Being the contrary whatsit than I am, it kind of makes me want to turn Jensen into Professor Layton, but it truly is quite helpful even if I do kind of want to write all of them, now.

And a Happy New Year to everyone!


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