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Where the wave of moonlight glosses

The dim grey sands with light

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cleflink is a slightly quirky, generally sane individual who likes to write really gay fanfic and is currently making a career out of being a very well educated bum.

Currently this account is a mirror of [ profile] cleflink on LJ that I often forget to update. Oops. I will make sure to give fair warning if this changes.

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Anyone who is interested in my work is more than welcome to subscribe to this account - you don't need to ask first but I enjoy meeting new people so a hello is always appreciated. :) I try to keep my own reading list fairly short so please don't feel unloved if I don't subscribe back to you. I am still figuring out how the subscribing works here but I very rarely lock entries (and never fanfiction) so you're really not missing much.

All icons are made by me unless otherwise stated.
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