Took too long with these (as per usual), but I'm pleased with how they turned out, so. Thanks to everyone who prompted me!

10 x 125 words. Fandom spread = Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XII, Howl's Moving Castle, Weiß Kreuz, Yami No Matsuei. Overall worksafe except for Sephiroth (yes, really) and a tendency towards crazy in Farf's.

Cloud, waterfall for [ profile] cloudy_chan
Death Penalty )

Vaan, bedroom for nan
Anticipate )

Howl, the Military for kiwikiwi
Pro Patria )

Seph, natural hot spring for [ profile] ldyavalon Not worksafe!
Luxuries )

Zack, downtown for [ profile] b_borealis
Festival )

Vincent, tea shop for palmtree101
Out of Place )

Farfarello, rooftop for cypher
Schweiß )

Zack, Edge for [ profile] strayvalkyrie
Helping Hands )

Tsuzuki, library for yuenoclow
Third Time's the... )

Cloud, Mt. Nibel for aikonamika
Guided Tour )



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