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"The Game (of Thrones) Is Afoot!" by Jessie Blackwood
PAIRING: Mycroft/Lestrade
FANDOM: Sherlock
SUMMARY: Gregory Lestrade is a secret cosplayer and Mycroft is intrigued.

Has just been added to Sherlock Holmes Slash and is listed on the new stories page and the other pairings page.

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Posted by morbane

We have been working on the tag set for 36 hours, and the number of individual fandom nominations has gone down from 5058 to 3086. There are 1076 approved fandoms now in the tag set*.

Please help us with the following issues and queries!

Wheel of Time - Robert Jordan - Both Elan Morin Tedroni and Ishamael | Moridin are nominated; other Forsaken are nominated with their original names. Please either explain why you think they should be separated out, or confirm we can approve both tags as Elan Morin Tedroni.

Expert Judgment on Markers to Deter Inadvertent Human Intrusion... - Sandia Labs - As far as we can tell, Color Changing Cat is not actually from this canon, but a different exercise in considering the problems of long-term nuclear waste storage - see http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_eye/2014/05/14/_99_percent_invisible_by_roman_mars_designing_warning_symbols_for_the_nation.html. Could you please let us know if we’ve missed the cats, or if there’s another reason you believe they should be included.

Ensemble characters
We will accept labels like “the Council” or “the hunters” for characters in cases where the ensemble does not have different distinct characters in it. For the following fandoms, please either confirm that there are no distinct characters in the group, or pick a single character out of the group you’ve nominated.

  • Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat: Veretian Council

  • The Darkness (Comics): Darklings (The Darkness)

  • 終末のイゼッタ | Shuumatsu no Izetta | Izetta: The Last Witch (Anime): The Royal Guard

All Media Types fandoms
We need clarification from the person (or people) who nominated the following fandoms. Please specify a single version of the canon and provide a link to your nominations page so we can confirm the nomination. If these aren't answered, the fandoms will be rejected:
  • Captain Scarlet - All Media Types, characters: Adam Svenson | Captain Blue, Charles Gray | Colonel White, Conrad Turner | Captain Black, Paul Metcalfe | Captain Scarlet

  • Gone With the Wind - All Media Types, characters: Belle Watling, Careen O'Hara, Mammy, Melanie Hamilton (Gone with the Wind - All Media Types)

  • Goosebumps - All Media Types, characters: Cooper Holmes (The Barking Ghost), Drew Brockman (Attack of the Jack-O-Lanterns), Ginger Wald (The Beast From the East), Michael Webster (The Cuckoo Clock of Doom)

  • The Martian - All Media Types, characters: Beth Johanssen, Chris Beck, Mark Watney (The Martian - All Media Types)

  • Midsomer Murders - All Media Types, characters: Jamie Winter, Kam Karimore

  • A Room With a View - All Media Types, characters: Charlotte Bartlett, Eleanor Lavish

  • The Witches of Eastwick - All Media Types, characters: Alexandra Medford, Darryl Van Horne, Jane Spofford, Sukie Ridgemont

If you are commenting about your own nomination to say what you would like done with characters or fandoms, please link your nominations page! It is the page you get by clicking ‘My Nominations’ from the tag set.

If you notice any problems with your approved nominations - mis-spellings, etc - feel free to comment on this post.

*(NB: that’s not because we rejected ~900, but because 5058 and 3086 are totals of how often the fandom slot was filled out by nominators - whether or not they nominated the same fandom. When we approve a fandom that was nominated by two people, the total number of fandom nominations goes down by 2, and the approved fandom total goes up by 1.)
Title: (untitled single line-art drawing of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson)
Artist: [tumblr.com profile] ainosgarden
Pairing: Sherlock & Joan
Rating: Gen
Warnings: None
Verse: Elementary
Artist's summary: I know this is a bit late, but…

Happy Valentine’s Day to platonic life partners as well!

A single-line drawing of Joan and Sherlock from Elementary.

Reccer's comments: It's a very simple single-line art drawing. I like how Sherlock is sitting more "properly" with a single leg crossed in the loveseat, contrasting with Joan sitting with both legs crossed on the loveseat.

Posted by morbane

Final number of nominations: 5058

That means that at least 1686 people nominated.

We now move into the sorting phase. Over the next days you will see the fandoms and characters you nominated being approved or rejected. You will also see us make posts here, asking for clarification.

Whenever we have enough questions for a new clarification post, we will move unanswered questions into the new post.. This is to help us keep track of which things are outstanding and prevent us from missing comments on older posts. You can help by keeping an eye on the community and helping to answer questions. The first question post will be up soon.

The evidence post is now closed, and we'll be using the evidence to review fandoms. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit evidence.

If you are looking at your nominations page and you see that a character has been rejected, it may be that it has been approved under a different name (for example, with a fandom-specific disambiguation). Please wait until the tagset is public before raising the issue.

Lastly, please don't hammer AO3 trying to check if your fandoms have been reviewed. Doing this will only slow things down. We're not saying don’t check, but don’t sit there pressing F5. The tagset will be visible after sorting; at that point you can help us find what problems remain.
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"Winter's Tale" by Jessie Blackwood
PAIRING: Mycroft/Lestrade
FANDOM: Sherlock
SUMMARY: Nearly Christmas, and Greg is not feeling well and also finding it difficult to get home, although he isn't looking forward to his first Christmas alone after the divorce.

Has just been added to Sherlock Holmes Slash and is listed on the new stories page and the other pairings page.

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Posted by morbane

The nominations period is now shorter than 24 hours.

Here is the countdown!

Here are the instructions!

Here we go!

Because there is a time delay in the IFTTT service that crossposts from LJ/DW to Twitter/Tumblr, we will not post a further warning here. We don't want participants who get their notifications that way to see 'two hours left' when in fact nominations ended two hours prior. If you still plan to nominate, please check the countdown and get your nominations in soon!
The mods can't. Well, one can, and she's busy reminding the other two.

Below you will find our schedule for this round of Holmestice and some housekeeping items.

First, housekeeping. As many of you are well aware, there has been a situation with LJ and we are migrating away from that platform. With community support we have moved to Dreamwidth for a wide variety of reasons. We are not done migrating the community yet and we know many of you are eager to get all your work off LJ sooner rather than later.

While we plan to eventually scrub content from all LJ entries and replace content with URLs pointing to the work on Dreamwidth (just in case people have old bookmarks, etc.) you can request that we do your work sooner rather than later. Please fill out this form and we'll create a queue and get to work on it.

Please Remove My Content From LJ Sooner Rather Than Later Form

Welcome to the Winter 2017 round of Holmestice!

It's happening this year because after 14 successful rounds you didn't think we were actually going to stop, did you?

Here is our schedule:
Sign-ups OPEN - September 26th
Sign-ups CLOSE - October 10th
Assignments GO OUT - October 17th
Assignments DUE - November 21st
Posting BEGINS - Dec 1st
Posting ENDS - Dec 14th
REVEALS - Dec 21st

As usual, any help in advertising the community would be AWESOME! Anyone can volunteer to help with graphics for promoting, of course (banners/headers for social media or cross-community posts). And please feel free to comment here on this post with your thoughts, hopes, dreams, and wishes.

Posted by morbane

All you need to know about 2017 nominations is at this post!

Click here for a countdown to when nominations end.

If you have a question for us, please ask it there, or here, or at http://yuletide-admin.dreamwidth.org, or by email to yuletideadmin@gmail.com! If you have already asked us a question, please feel free to remind us by commenting again or linking to it.
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Title: Operant Conditioning
Author: [personal profile] gardnerhill
Pairing: None
Length: 637 words
Rating: Gen
Warnings: None apply
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary: Joan Watson teaches some people the concept of cause and effect.

Reccer's comments: Joan comes up with a plan so cunning to curb her neighbourhood of misogynist (including fat shaming and transmisogyny) behaviour, not even Blackadder would have thought of it. But then he isn't a woman who is subject to this stuff. ;) Anyway! Joan doing creative problem solving with a little help from her friends is a WIN!
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"I Don't Do What You Tell Me" by Jessie Blackwood
PAIRING: Mycroft/Lestrade
FANDOM: Sherlock
SUMMARY: Greg doesn't do what Mycroft tells him any more. He is his own man, with his own mind, he's never been anyone's yes-man and he isn't about to start now. Mycroft better just get used to it.

Has just been added to Sherlock Holmes Slash and is listed on the new stories page and the other pairings page.

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"It Takes Two to Tango" by Jessie Blackwood
PAIRING: Sherlock Holmes/Greg Lestrade
FANDOM: Sherlock
SUMMARY: Sherlock loves to dance. Greg knows this. Sometimes what you need is right in front of you.

Has just been added to Sherlock Holmes Slash and is listed on the new stories page and the other pairings page.

Crossposted to Chance's Archive, Chance's Archive on Tumblr and Chance's Archive blog.
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Posted by morbane

Yuletide Nominations 2017 are open!

Your Nominations Toolset

More nominating tips
When a character could appear in many different versions across many fandoms, or has a generic name, we recommend that you put a fandom disambiguation tag after the name. For example:
-Bonnie Parker (Bonnie and Clyde (1967))
-Robin Hood (Prince of Thieves)
-Tulku (The Shadow 1994)
-Leonardo da Vinci (Da Vinci's Demons)
would all be helpful character names in their respective fandoms.

If you receive an error message that a character was rejected because it was nominated in another fandom, resubmit the character with disambiguation, as above.

If you submit a character that is new or rarely used on AO3, a suggestion from AO3 may appear in bold and in brackets (for example: Razzle (Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley)) next to your nomination once it’s submitted. This is okay, and does not mean that your nomination will be automatically changed. However, if you don't recognize the character in brackets, it is a good sign that you should edit your character nomination and disambiguate it with the fandom you nominated, i. e. as “Character (Fandom Name)”.

Some fandoms, especially short ones such as music videos, do not need character nominations. Others will not be approved without them: RPF and Anthropomorphic fandoms.

As there may be more than one character who has used a superhero name, please make sure it’s clear which character you mean - you may want to use their “wallet” name. For example: Please don't nominate Robin, but instead Dick Grayson or Damian Wayne.

Please double-check the spelling and format of your nominations, both before pressing Submit and after.

When do nominations close?
At 9am UTC on 16 September. This may be the previous day in your time zone. Here is a countdown.

You can edit your nominations until this time.

How many nominations do we get?
Three fandoms, and four characters in each fandom.

If you have questions about nominations, feel free to ask them on this post or at yuletideadmin@gmail.com. If you want to discuss your nominations with other fans, try the LiveJournal community, Dreamwidth community, IRC channel, or Discord server (invite link).
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Posted by morbane

Please use this post (or its Dreamwidth equivalent) to submit evidence to help us consider fandoms’ eligibility for Yuletide 2017.

It’s a good idea to comment on this post if:
  • The fandom you have nominated is closely related to another fandom, and especially, if the related fandom is ineligible for Yuletide.

  • The fandom you have nominated includes several types of media, and you are concerned that the ban on "All Media Types" or "& Related Fandoms" affects it.

  • The fandom you have nominated has too many stories to be eligible for Yuletide, but only because of crossposting between fanfiction.net and AO3, OR because a very small pool of authors has written most of the fics. You need to provide links that clearly show this.

  • The fandom you have nominated appears on either fanfiction.net or AO3 as part of a larger “umbrella” fandom, but you believe you can clearly show that the fics actually about your fandom are under the limit.

  • The fandom you have nominated is a fanwork.

  • The fandom you have nominated has a generic name that is extremely hard to google or can be confused with other fandoms, AND your fandom has no canonical fandom tag on AO3.

  • The fandom you have nominated is obscure and is not in English, and if we go looking for information about it, we won’t easily find any that is in English.

The following will not be considered as evidence that a fandom with a large number of stories is actually under the limit:
  • Crossovers

  • Use of original characters

  • Fic quality

  • Stories that have ambiguous endings but that are marked ‘complete’.

If your fandom has 1100 or more works across ff.net and ao3, including crossovers, that are in English, complete, and over 1,000 words long (see the bookmarklet tool for a quick way to check this), we will not consider any evidence for the fandom that would reduce its numbers.

If your fandom needs evidence, you must submit it before the end of the nominations period. Nominations will begin at approximately 9am UTC on September 8, and will end at 9am UTC on September 16 (Saturday).

Mods and tagmods will read all comments on this post. We will ask questions if we have them, but may not reply to every comment.

You can read this year's eligibility rules on LJ or DW. If you have a question about them, please ask it on those posts, or send it to yuletideadmin@gmail.com.

Suggested template:
Possible issue with the fandom:
Evidence for why this fandom should be considered eligible:

You are welcome to link to documents containing your evidence, if your post is long.


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