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( Sep. 11th, 2016 11:46 am)
*waves* Hello friends!

It has been a busy few weeks chez clef, let me tell you.

First of all, I do intend to finish all of the prompts that I got in my song meme, so thank you to everyone who contributed. Most of them are half-written, but I haven't had a chance to go back and get them done.

The reason for the delay is that my costume for Dragoncon wound up being FAR more time-consuming than I expected, with several setbacks that required some creative problem solving to work around. Turns out that wings are harder than they look!

Dressed in something girly for once! )

As soon as I got back from the convention, it was back to school! (Seriously, my flight was delayed, and then we had to drive from Buffalo airport into Canada, so I got home at, like, 3am, and was up at 7am to go to work). I'm at a new school this year, which is always intimidating, but everything and everyone seems good so far. I'm hoping to join the Age of the Geeks club as a teacher advisor. :D

I've signed up for both [ profile] j2_reversebang (for which I've claimed an awesome prompt) and [ profile] spn_reversebang. I love reversebangs. :) I'll be signing up for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas as soon as I get my requests organized, and I'm slowly chugging away at my story for [ profile] sherlock_remix. Oh, and I'm going to be making stuff up for heading up a discussion about world building at [ profile] spn_writing next week, which I hope people will show up to so I'm not just talking into the void. Who needs sleep?

How are things with everyone else?
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( Aug. 23rd, 2016 12:21 pm)
titles are hard meme

I feel like writing today! Help a sister out?

This is called the 'Because Titles Are Hard' comment fic meme because, well, titles are hard. I'm going to use the songs on my computer to steal generate titles for each of the fics you guys prompt me for. Each fic will have something to do with the title of the song that gets chosen. Expect a bunch of AUs and possibly some timestamps, depending on what titles come up.

Want to play? Give me:
- A number between 1 and 4405 (to choose a song off my iTunes list)
- A character of your choice

As long as their fandom shows up on my Master List, any character is fair game (with the exception of new canon characters on Supernatural because I've bloody given up, and Teen Wolf because I've only seen, like, two episodes). If you're jonesing for Doctor Who, I'm familiar with both Classic and NuWho characters.

Yes, more than one person can choose the same character.

My music is organized by album title, so fair warning that you're likely to get Christmas music if you pick a number in the 'C' section.

I'll keep playing probably all week, or until I no longer have any requests. Anyone else who wants to give this meme a try on their own journal is more than welcome to join in! Here's the banner, if you want it:

Ae Fond Kiss - Dean Winchester
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( Aug. 7th, 2016 06:04 pm)
Hello to all my friends, old and new!

I have been utterly remiss in not posting about this sooner; I blame June for being utter bullshit.

Some very talented people have podficced some of my stories recently! \o/

Point the first!
[ profile] jagnikjen created a podfic of my Mycroft-centric story En Passant for the most recent round of [ profile] holmestice. Her Mycroft voice is wonderfully precise and crisp, and she makes what is, admittedly, a rather wordy story, flow very nicely. You can download it to listen here!

Point the second!
In a somewhat convoluted turn of events, [ profile] electricmonk333 won [ profile] applegeuse's podficcing services in a fandom auction and ended up getting a podfic of my story, Learn to Glow for Others' Good, AND both timestamps. Which means that I am the luckiest chick in the world, basically. :D [ profile] applegeuse has a beautifully measured reading style, and she does a particularly amazing job at Jensen's voice, which I can't expect is easy. The contrast between Jensen's monotone and Jared's exuberance is great to listen to. You can access all three podfics on AO3 here!
Fic title: Kaleidoscope
Author name: [ profile] cleflink
Artist name: [ profile] pennydrdful
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 31,140
Warnings: Explicit sex, children being raised in a safe but loveless environment
A/N: Written for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang's 2016 round. Sequel to Learn to Glow for Other's Good and Hearts Have Colours which I highly recommend reading first.

Summary: This isn't a story about why Jensen, one of the most powerful empaths in the world, fell in love with a Normal person like Jared. Instead, it's a story about his life before Jared arrived, and after.

So perhaps it really is a story about why he fell in love, after all.

On LJ | On AO3
Master Art Post

'Learn to Glow' Verse Master List

Acknowledgements: Thank you first and foremost to [ profile] pennydrdful for picking my prompt and making some absolutely beautiful art to go with it. She did an absolutely masterful job of conveying some very nebulous ideas in gorgeous detail, and was super cool about me being the pickiest person ever to pick. :P Her art really strikes into the heart of what this story is all about, and I couldn't be happier. Make sure you check out her Art Post and leave some much-deserved love! Note that one of the images in the Art Post could be considered slightly spoilery.

This story has been in the works for literal years, so many thanks to anyone who commented on the other stories in the series or expressed an interest in a continuation. I hope that the ultimate result is somewhat worth the wait!

Thanks to the Hand Holding ladies for joining in the misery of draft deadlines and encouraging me through their own determination to get this stuff finished on time, dammit. Thanks also to Mum for brainstorming traumatic childhood memories with me and Laura for a speedy last-minute beta. Any inability to use the English language that still remains is totally my bad. Kudos always to [ profile] dugindeep for being awesome.

And finally, hooray for [ profile] wendy for always doing such an amazing job hosting this challenge!
Title: In the Backseat
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1395
A/N: Written for [ profile] lyricaxxx in the spring 2016 round of [ profile] holmestice. Se asked for something sexy and smutty, so here's hoping that this fits the bill! Originally posted here. Also available on AO3.

Summary: Their definition of romance is maybe a little different from other people's.

Dizzily, John tried to remember how he'd got here. )
Title: I Go to the Sea
Fandom: CWRPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Word count: 4700
Warnings: Dark-ish; dub-con kissing; body horror; internalized, period-typical homophobia
A/N: This story was written last September for [ profile] petite_madame, who had a shitty 2015. As she is a lovely and talented lady who deserves all the good things in the world, a bunch of us got together to create stuff to brighten her day and let her know how much we appreciate her. Almost at the same time as I originally posted this story, I also got a more-than-full time job and totally forgot that I never reposted. So here it is, slightly revamped from the original. Also available on AO3.

PM has a fondness for dark, slightly gory stuff, which you probably all know isn't exactly my forte. :P I did my best though, and this is what I came up with.

Inspired by two of PM's stunning pieces of artwork: this one, and also a little bit this one.

Summary: All Jensen had ever wanted was a chance to sail the circle seas. And if marrying Danneel and letting her protect his heartstone every time he left port was the only way to do that, then so be it.

You must never go to sea unless you have someone special on land to protect your heartstone for you )
Hello LJ-land!

I have officially survived my first year as a full time teacher! \o/ And pretty much all I have done since finishing is sleep because June is balls. I'm starting to feel more human now, though, which is good because I'm leaving tonight to spend two weeks in the Netherlands. Vacation!

I had the utter joy of meeting [ profile] dugindeep in person last weekend first the first time, which was awesome. I think we've known each other for about four years, which made it feel more like seeing a friend you haven't seen in a while instead of meeting someone new. And she's lovely, of course. I'm pretty sure everyone knew that. Thank you for visiting my poor, lonely Canadian self, my dear! It'll have to be a longer visit next time!

So, I know I've got a backlog of a couple of stories that I wrote for various challenges that never got reposted. I'll be posting two for sure today, and I'll figure out what else I might have missed. I've also got about a million ideas that wanted to be written when I was too busy to think about writing, so we'll see if they're still interesting now that I have time. My bigbang will be posting at the beginning of August, so you've all got that to look forward to, you lucky things. *grins*

How's everyone else doing?
Reveals for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang went up today! And I'm actually online for once, so here you go! :D


As an empath, Jensen has been alone all his life.

It's only logical. Between being raised in a government facility and interacting with the rest of the world from behind mental walls strong enough to keep out a jumbo jet, Jensen hasn't exactly developed the interpersonal skills most people consider necessary for daily life.

Of course, now that he's created an empathic - and romantic - bond with Jared, alone is the last thing that Jensen would describe himself as. From meeting the parents to having to interact with Jared's friends who definitely don't approve of him, Jensen is finding that having at least a few interpersonal skills would come in handy. He's also quite legitimately concerned that the government is out to get him, judging by all the strongly worded summonses he keeps finding in his mailbox.

All he can say is that he hopes true love is worth all this effort.

Aand if the premise sounds somewhat familiar, it's because this is a loooooong-overdue sequel to my timeless classic, "Learn to Glow for Other's Good". :P It is totes not going to be worth the five year wait, but here it shall be nonetheless. Huzzah!

I had the excellent fortune of being chosen by the lovely [ profile] pennydrdful, who already has some amazing ideas about how to illustrate this story. Look forward to some fantastic stuff from her! Exciting!
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( May. 2nd, 2016 05:34 pm)
Hello LJ-land! Long time no see! orz

I have a couple of backlogged challenge stories to repost here over the next little while (because I am just that kind of organized), and I successfully submitted a draft for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, so see if you can spot me in the claims at the end of the week. ;) One of these days, I also intend to reply to all the lovely comments that people have left that I haven't answered yet. So if you get responses to year-old messages, it's because I'm full of fail.

In the meantime, though, I want to direct everyone's attention to this FANTASTIC art post that was done of one of my stories for the inaugural round of [ profile] quicky_bang. Which is an amazing idea and, as I am a shameless hussy, I was all over the idea of getting some art for one of my stories.

[ profile] stormbrite is a rockstar and decided to do art for Gratuitous Kitten Pin-Ups, which is actually the first thing that I ever wrote in the J2 fandom (for bonus dramatic irony, read my little preamble about writing RPS. I HAD NO IDEA). Ever since I wrote it, I have been yearning for someone to make me art of Jared covered in kittens and [ profile] stormbrite delivered that in spades. So kudos to her for making my Jared-kitten dreams come true. Make sure to leave her all the love!

Title: Please, Please Me
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: bondage, orgasm denial
Word count: 1120
A/N: Written for the prompt 'let me try, please' for the winter 2016 round of [ profile] come_at_once. Also available on AO3.

Summary: Sherlock saves 'please' for things that he really wants. This definitely applies.

Delightful, the things that John would do for him when Sherlock said 'please'. )
Title: Out of Time
Author: [ profile] cleflink
Artist: [ profile] 2blueshoes
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Length: 9500
Warnings: historical violence
A/N: Written for the 2015 round of [ profile] spn_reversebang. Most of the information about fencing comes from my brief foray as a member of the fencing team at my university, so I apologize if any of it is not as precise as it could be.
A million thanks to [ profile] 2blueshoes for being amazingly talented and wonderfully tolerant of me when RL decided to go balls up on me. Thank you for working with me, hon! :) I can only hope that this story does a little bit of justice to her beautiful art, which you should all go look at and admire at her Art Post forthwith. Thanks also and always to our lovely mods who always do a masterful job. You make this challenge so much fun to participate in!

Summary: It wasn't like Jensen planned to find a door to the past on his college campus; things like that just sort of happen at college.

He hadn't got more than a few paces when a guy dressed in leggings, a long, brass-buttoned coat, and carrying a sword rounded the corner towards him. )
Title: Silberwald
Fandom: CWRPS AU
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Word count: 7730
Warnings: Minor character death, a little bit of gore
A/N: Written for [ profile] locifan who asked for a fairy tale with a Halloween twist for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas. I'm, uh, not really sure how well that worked out, but here it is anyway. This story is based on The Twelve Dancing Princesses, with a little bit of Tam Lin thrown in for good measure. Thanks for waiting so patiently, [ profile] locifan! I hope you enjoy!
Also available on AO3.

Summary: A modern fairy tale in which Jensen isn't a princess, but he still likes dancing, Jared is definitely not a knight in shining armour, and the homeless guy across the street is surprisingly knowledgeable about sinister goings-on.

Personally, Jared thought that this Jensen was kind of old to be having his parents keeping tabs on how often he went clubbing, but it wasn't his job to question his clients' neuroses )
WOW, it is the second week of December. When did that happen? *flails* My new job is great, but holy hell, does it take up all my time.

Right, so! I'm giving no promises that they'll actually show up on time because I'm hella late, but would anyone like a Christmas card from me this year? Some of you have no choice in the matter, but please let me know if you would like one. I should rephrase that: if you got a card last year, I have your address and am ready to send you a card, but can you please touch base with me to confirm that you do, in fact, still live at it. :)

Comments are screened.

And, for your time, have a picture of one of the Macguyvered ornaments on my Christmas tree this year. Because this is the kind of family I have and it is glorious.

With a ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum?

Seriously, how is this country even a real place? Every time the road bends, you see another mountain in the distance. Just stunning.

I hope everyone is having a good July!
I am going on vacation in two days! Exciting! However, I would most definitely rather do this meme than start packing, so please ask away!

Writerly questions under the cut )
I know I'm not usually one to signal boost, but I think I've got a couple other Trekkies on my flist and they are so close to making their goal that I want to try and help.

For the Love of Spock: A Documentary

This project is something that Leonard Nimoy was working on with his son, Adam, before he passed away. Adam is now trying to get the funds necessary to make it a reality. I would love to see this documentary get made and, hopefully, some of y'all would too.



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